“Subject matter is heavy and it’s ultimately a love song…” | The Amp

October 14th, 2022 / The Amp

“‘From the Chest’ is what you likely think it is: an introspective look inside one’s self. Childs’ bright storytelling finds a man grappling with his faith after the loss of his wife. He pleads with God to take him into Heaven to be reunited with his wife even though he’s led a less than pristine life.

I sing this song just to ensure that at that Holy hour / You let me through your front gate / Though the devil may be sour / Cuz I may have promised him just a thing or two / But Lord, I swear / I’ll make it up to you

 Although the subject matter is heavy and it’s ultimately a love song, the tune is an up-tempo romp that you’ll definitely find yourself dancing to.” – The Amp

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