Toronto Alt-Country Outfit Gregory Childs & Heart Lung Release Debut EP

October 30th, 2020 / Toronto, Ontario

Toronto-based independent alt-country outfit Gregory Childs & Heart Lung announce their debut release Baby Blue EP featuring songs “Baby Blue” and “Blood Ties”.

Spun up with outlaw country and Cobain grease, Baby Blue EP leads you to the back seat of the bar around the corner. Harmonica runs, country riffs and growly vocals guide the listener towards a story of heartbreak, family estrangement and self-destruction. The EP is scheduled for physical distribution on 45 inch vinyl early 2021.


Track List

SIDE A: Baby Blue (3:22)

SIDE B: Blood Ties (4:14)


About The Band

Toronto-based Gregory Childs & Heart Lung came to life in late 2019 as an alt-country outfit focused on taking pop-country to a gnarlier place. Self-described as “emotionally confused Willie Nelson”, the band was actively playing The Cameron House, Monarch Tavern and other Toronto staples before COVID forced them to focus exclusively on recording.



Contact Information

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